1. my daughter
  2. my health [even if not perfect]
  3. Joe
  4. my parents and the way they raised me
  5. being able to notice the sound of cicadas
  6. and crickets
  7. my pets
  8. my job
  9. soda
  10. all the experiences I had in life, even the ugly ones.
  11. being able to draw and paint
  12. my house and garden
  13. my friends
  14. fans (oscillating or not)
  15. those birds always pecking right at the edge of sidewalks: they entertain me at red lights.
  16. my running car
  17. the beautiful town I was born in
  18. A.C. in general
  19. telephone [allowing me to keep in touch with family far away]
  20. TV that entertains me when I have to stop thinking
  21. all animals I come in touch with
  22. kids that make me laugh
  23. what I see out of my windows
  24. the mosquito repellent spray
  25. when Joe turns the channel to Telemundo and actually watches it [=this makes me laugh]
  26. watermelons
  27. pajamas
  28. crows: they’re so beautiful!
  29. black licorice
  30. music
  31. days off from work
  32. sleeping-in days
  33. my daughter got the job she wanted!
  34. the great people I work with
  35. being able to see snowflakes fluttering in the air
  36. good memories
  37. being at home and laughing
  38. Saturdays, my last working day of every week!
  39. stories of friendship between humans and animals.
  40. the strength to deal with breast cancer diagnosis, treatments, and everything that comes with it.
  41. licorice
  42. the joy the animals give me.
  43. being able to afford things like an iPod and a gym membership
  44. people who care about animals.
  45. all the little things that make me happy every day.
  46. being able to find “fun” all around me.
  47. being able to spend a little time with my daughter.
  48. not having to deal with certain people anymore and feeling OK about it.
  49. bells. Little bells and big bells. Church bells sound so good to me, they remind me of my hometown in Italy where bells toll every hour.
  50. the time I get to spend with my friends.
  51. good laughs.
  52. for my family being together on Christmas day.
  53. time spent with my daughter out to lunch, shopping and laughing…
  54. learning new things.
  55. everything that my parents did for me.
  56. simple things.
  57. daydreaming
  58. my parents who provided me with a happy childhood.
  59. my pets: they make me smile every day.
  60. being off from work.
  61. people who take time to take care of animals
  62. thrift stores full of fun treasures.
  63. having attended Italian schools.
  64. seagulls and crows.
  65. nonsense.
  66. feeling the comfort of being home.
  67. whipped cream
  68. great music.
  69. re-discovering old friends.
  70. having my voice back.
  71. having the respect of people important in my life.
  72. a day off from work.
  73. a great meal and good times spent with Joe.
  74. for the patience that allowed me to learn things like making a little movie.
  75. the fun I find in playing with words.
  76. having naturally curly hair.
  77. having a job I love!
  78. humor.
  79. being a woman.
  80. nature’s wonders.
  81. the dog who saved his friend!
  82. wash machines.
  83. the opportunity to share what I like.
  84. nice weather.
  85. “surviving” an MRI
  86. having decided to “fast” for Lent.
  87. good news
  88. my garden.
  89. all the fun animal I have encountered throghout my life.
  90. pink stuff.
  91. time with friends.
  92. my new sketchbooks.
  93. good music.
  94. books.
  95. acceptance
  96. my iPhone.
  97. anticipation.
  98. time with Stephanie.
  99. time to rest.
  100. Oreo’s love.
  101. my onomastic and my name that I like.
  102. another birthday.
  103. birds.
  104. an extra day off.
  105. a painless dentist appointment.
  106. noisy dogs.
  107. fun things that surround me.
  108. my good friends.
  109. birds visiting my garden.
  110. having tickled a squirrel’s belly!
  111. lounging moments.
  112. Moleskine notebooks, one more time.
  113. time spent with Giorgio.
  114. little creatures.
  115. the love of my pets.
  116. my home.
  117. the nor’easter being over.
  118. Matt who gave me a big loaf of bread I keep in the car for the birds.
  119. colors.
  120. the smells of nature.
  121. the joy my pets give me.
  122. for moments holdind Oreo 12-7-09
  123. having Loki in my life
  124. having shared 13 years of my life with Oreo
  125. Stephanie coming home
  126. for another good year
  127. for being able to enjoy little things
  128. for witnessing fun nature scenes
  129. for being able to relax when I get home
  130. funny movies that make me laugh
  131. pink birds
  132. tears
  133. mermaid fun
  134. snow
  135. treasures in the garden



  [.fîłłē đĕ ľā ѝųîŧ.] wrote @

I'm grateful for:1. my siter (the only but great, great one… she's my partner, my inspiration and more…)2. my two yorki dogs3. my mom and dad4. having beatiful semi-curly hair5. see, heard and walk6. art and music7. cold chocolat!!!8. cheese!9. pizza from time to time10.having lots of cinemas around in my city…..(the list will be continued….)….("blog" you soon..)…

  [.fîłłē đĕ ľā ѝųîŧ.] wrote @

11. finding blogger… I love "bloging" and read others blogs!12.having new comments in my blog (thanks Marina for stoping by… grazie mille!13. having money to go to cinema today!14. my tiny car (specially when I have to by groceries…)15. today sunny day(…to be continued)…Besos Marina, cuidate!

  [.fîłłē đĕ ľā ѝųîŧ.] wrote @

14. (was buy groceries! :P)16. having the extra storage contenedor I was looking for, for free!17. finally having a rainy day!!18. for having time to spend with my pets19. for music… all of it!20. for having things to be greatful for… ….

  ceceliafutch wrote @

This is a wonderful blog! Thanks for the link to it.

BTW, I am thankful for all the blogging buddies I’ve made since I began blogging back in Nov., 2009!

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